RBI restructuring

He is satisfied with the good results in Central Europe and a subsidiary bank in Russia, "which again achieved strong results despite a difficult economic environment." Sevelda notes that in recent months in Ukraine also reported stabilization performance.
RBI will account restructuring costs of about 100 mln. Euros for the full year and part of them will be recorded in 2016
Austrian group is the owner of Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria, which also reported better results for the nine months. Assets grew by 15.6% and at the end of September were 6.37 billion. Lev profit increased by almost 134% and it was 67 million. Lev and impairments decreased by 61% and were 32 mln. Levs . At the end of September household deposits in the bank were 2.548 billion. lev and companies - 1.89 billion. lev.
Less revenue due to currency devaluations
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click hereOperating income for the nine months decreased by 12% yoy and were 3.66 bln. Euro, which was mainly due to the strong currency devaluations (primarily the Russian ruble and the Ukrainian hryvnia). Net interest income has shrunk by 14% mainly due to currency movements in Russia and Ukraine, where earnings have Reduce by 133 million respectively. And 81 mln. Euros. Problem loans in Asia had a negative impact on net interest income of 49 mln. Euros, while in Poland - 49 mln. Euros because of the continuing environment of low interest rates.
In late September, the net provisions fell by 28% and capital adequacy of the main Tier was 10.8%.

Dividends worldwide grew in the third quarter thanks to economic recovery, increased consumer confidence and especially strong growth markets in North America, writes Financial Times.
According to research by Henderson Global Investors US companies have been the main driver for the increase in dividends globally by 2.3% to 297 billion. Dollars. Dividends during the quarter in North America reached a record level of 116.5 bln. Dollars, which represents 20% growth yoy. USA are performing significantly better than Canada with an increase of 23.4 percent to 107.9 billion. Dollars. This is the seventh consecutive quarter in which the dividend of US companies recorded double-digit increase.